Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is pressuring the Michigan State Supreme Court.  Her letter to the state’s High Court is asking for what she claims is a clarification of the Supreme Court’s ruling late last week ending her COVID-19 virus-related emergency extensions and Executive Orders. She’s not happy. Her staff says the Attorney General’s office initially told her she’d have 21 days to figure out what to do next. But that was the wrong information.  The Governor says she is “vehemently” opposed to the ruling from the state’s highest court.

The Governor is putting over 830,000 Michigan residents receiving Unemployment Benefits on the chopping block and blaming the Supreme Court and Michigan Republicans if she cuts them off.  The Governor is telling the Supreme Court Justices she needs more time to work out an agreement with the legislature to keep some virus control orders intact to say nothing of extended unemployment benefits to hundreds of thousands of state residents. Critics point out the Governor hasn’t had any interest working with the Legislature so far, a focal point of lawsuits decided by the State Supreme Court against her actions. The Governor is complaining nothing can get done in a short period of time, especially if state lawmakers stay on their schedule with an October recess. She is telling the legislature it needs to get to work. The Governor is also touting a rating from the media network CNN as evidence her Orders are doing well for the state.

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