A Pennsylvania couple stopped at #1 Cochran Nissan of South Hills, to take advantage of a ten minute oil change, and ended-up with a baby to-go.

According to the Pittsburg Tribune-Review, Adam Sherman and his wife, Amanda, were in the process of the oil change when Amanda needed to use the restroom. All seem well, when all of a sudden, she gave birth to a 19 ½ inch newborn girl. Amanda called for help and, luckily, a registered nurse was on the premises.

Adam Sherman called 911 and followed instructions from the operator, using his shoelace to tie-off the umbilical cord.

An ambulance arrived, racing his wife and newborn daughter, Heather Lynn, to the hospital.

Momma and the baby, weighing in at 7 lbs. 12 ounces, are well, and Adam returned to the dealership, Tuesday, to complete the oil change and servicing.

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