While going to college is an encouraged decision for those pursuing career fields that require academic benefits, there remains a risk that oftentimes goes overlooked.

Much of that risk is financial, of course. Even having done so myself, the logic of an 18-year-old taking out massive loans for college is rather preposterous. After all, graduating from even the most esteemed universities isn't a job guarantee in your field of study, or at all for that matter. Usually, the better the college, the higher the price.

But that isn't always the case. Many private and plenty of public universities are laughably over-expensive when considering the degree they hand out to graduates is little more than a coaster compared to what other, more prestigious universities present.

In that respect, the college landscape is in some ways over-saturated with far too many options for young adults fresh out of high school to juggle. Get the wrong advice or take on too many cons and a student can find themselves at a university that is woefully below the standard they need to find success after graduation. Transfering is an option, but if credits don't transfer over to the new school, it's just wasted money that piles onto that ever-increasing student loan account.

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Unfortunately, students at one university in Ohio may find themselves in a similar situation. According to a study by Avocado Posts, a lifestyle website, the College of Wooster, in Wooster, Ohio, is the fourth worst university in the country. Only one other school ranks worse on the list of 45 that has either not closed its doors forever or changed its name under the weight of bad publicity.

College of Wooster
Alan Levine via Wikipedia Commons

The College of Wooster is a Division III school, with a football team, that has an acceptance rate of just 61%. However, where Avocado Posts comes down on Wooster is the graduation rate at 79% with annual tuition hitting at nearly $25,000. That's more expensive than Ohio State, which accepts 59% of applications, 88% of which graduate, and the University of Cincinnati, which accepts 81% of applications, 73% of which graduate. On top of that, median earnings for Wooster grads is only about $46,000, which is on par with Ohio State and slightly better than Cincinnati.

While Niche, a well-respected website that grades schools of all levels, isn't quite as harsh on Wooster, giving the school an A- grade overall and in academics, its value grade sits at just a B and its campus rating is a dismal C+.

Unless going to a small school is a must for the student, their tuition dollars would clearly be better spent at many other schools across the state of Ohio. Still, the reviews on Niche from students and student parents are more favorable than not, so it appears Wooster is a home for select students.

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