The Holy Family Orphanage in Marquette opened in 1915 housing Native American children in the care of Nuns. Sound like a plot for a horror flick? You're not far off. Check it out in this virtual Urban Exploration.


The website 'Substreet' shares photos and stories of the orphanage and the children, now grown, that resided there. Some stories tell of abuse at the hands of the Nuns.

Most of the now-elderly children say they were well-treated but admitted that abuse sometimes occurred...

Others claim that the body of a dead child was used to teach a lesson. The story basically tells of a child that wandered off to play and caught pneumonia.

As a lesson to the elementary student body, the nuns held a "private" funeral in the front lobby, attended only by the students, staff and nuns, where the remains were displayed in full view of the children of what the results are for their wrongful doings. And as a result of this act, it is said by some that the sounds of children sobbing can be heard outside on the grand staircase that leads to the improvised funeral parlor in the lobby.


So that leads me to the present.

The property has been purchased and transformed into one to three bedroom apartments, called The Grandview Marquette Apartments. You can take a look inside and even put a deposit on one of the available units. Then, be prepared to star in the next paranormal Michigan movie. Maybe.

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