Did this Allegan resident have a brilliant idea to keep people from parking near their property or did they go too far?

Judging by this picture, a person that lives on 108th Street in Allegan is having issues with people parking between the street and their fence.  Will Klotz posted a couple of photos this week in the Allegan Informed Facebook group of the hilarious signs.  It is, however, unclear if the person putting up the signs even has a right to the property between their fence and the street.  The general rule of thumb says that about 10 feet on each side of the street are public property not private according to familyhandyman.com,

if the street you live on is 30 feet wide but the “plat” (a plan, map or chart of a piece of land with actual or proposed features) shows it as 40 feet, then the “street” technically extends 10 feet into your lawn.

I was unable to find what the law states in Allegan on this matter.  What I did find was reactions from other residents.

Will Klotz
Will Klotz
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At first glance, I thought this is clever.  Nobody will want to park there now.  Then I saw the public reaction on Facebook.  Kayla said,

I used to live a couple houses down from her, and one time she literally sprinkled glass allll over the side of the road in front of her house.

Robert had this to say,

She thinks she owns the road right away. She is not a stable person. She flipped me off a few months ago as I drove by.

Lynn offered a different point of view,

Or, maybe find out what has caused her to place a sign like that. Maybe she is having problems with people tearing up her yard or gardens?  I feel the majority never wants to hear the whole story. Always two sides to every story.

What do you think?  Are the signs clever or too much?  Let us know in the comments.

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