There is a valid reason to cull the deer herds in Michigan, the cull keeps the deer population in check.  Too many deer means that there is a larger probability that people will hit them with their vehicles and not only cause damage to their vehicles but quite possibly kill them.

According to Mlive demonstrators gathered in Ann Arbor to call for the ending of Ann Arbor’s 4th annual deer cull which is set to take place next month.

Lisa Abrams, a member of FAAWN, Friends of Ann Arbor Wildlife in Nature was quoted in the article stating:

We want it stopped now…It's sad to watch humans try to manage nature...We'd like a moratorium now so that they can assess where they are.

The deer cull has been approved in Ann Arbor for the last 3 years and city-hired sharpshooters have killed 274 deer in Ann Arbor over those years.  The shot those deer primarily in city parks and nature areas.

Mlive is reporting that:

Ann Arborites have mixed feelings about the city's deer management program and Mayor Christopher Taylor has been against it, but a majority of City Council members have believed it's necessary to control the city's urban deer population and protect the city's natural areas against deer over-browsing. There also have been complaints about deer causing damage to people's private landscaping.

I speculated in the beginning of this piece that people could be killed by hitting deer with their vehicles.  Well Mlive is reporting in another story about exactly that.

According to an Allegan County Sheriff's Office news release just yesterday:

A 27-year-old woman died from injuries she suffered in a single-vehicle crash with a deer

The Sheriff’s office stated that speed and alcohol do not appear to be a factor in this accident and unfortunate death.

People should really think about what they are protesting, why in this case a deer cull is needed and the consequence of their actions.  Sure it sounds great to go out into the city streets and say we should stop shooting deer but do they ever think about what an over population of deer can do to their fellow citizens that they say they care about.

They say that “It's sad to watch humans try to manage nature”, well humans must manage nature if there are not enough predators around in nature to manage nature.

You get it?

By the way if you are wondering what happens to deer killed by vehicle accidents in Michigan check out my piece informing you.

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