The annual fire hydrant flushing will begin throughout Battle Creek, beginning next week. This process will cause the water to become cloudy or discolored. The City of Battle Creek is warning residents to keep this in mind while doing laundry or other tasks, such as canning.

The flushing does begin, bright and early, Monday morning September 27th, from 6 AM to 4:30 PM. The process is expected to be completed the week of October 11th. Your water pressure may drop, but there will be no shut-offs or boil water advisories.

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You can generally expect to see public works crews in these areas:

  • Week of Sept. 27 – Area north of Dickman Road, including Bedford, and the northern part of the Emmett Township water system
  • Week of Oct. 4 – Area south of Dickman Road, working out to the Fort Custer Industrial Park
  • Week of Oct. 11 – South to Beckley Road, and the end of Capital Avenue SW

The water is always safe during the flushing process. Discolored or rusty water may be present in the area where crews are flushing, as well as in neighboring areas. If you see discolored water from your taps, it’s recommended that you run the cold water in your home or business.

Residents can keep up on the process and receive alerts and updates by visiting and sign up for Water System Information text and/or email notifications.

According to a City of Battle Creek release, “Flushing hydrants and water mains provide several benefits to our water system users. Regular flushing provides water of the highest quality to our customers. It also allows our crews to verify that our water system is operating properly, and identify areas that require repair and/or maintenance. It also ensures that fire hydrants are ready for use should the Fire Department need them.”

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