Growing up in Chicago was fun and if you're like me you remember a lot of entertaining stuff we used to do that we probably don't do much of anymore. Things like going to the roller rink and skating to fun songs like Dancing Queen and 70's and 80's music.

And how about Bowling?  That was something I did at least once a week. It was a blast with family and friends. It's again on my list of fun things to do in 2022.

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One of my friends Bobby from Palos heights, IL who I used to bowl with as a kid rings me up yesterday and says I was reading about this bowling alley in your neck of the woods in Michigan that we much check out on my next visit.

Walking Back To The 1970s

Just like me, a gal named Kelly Elliott grew up in the 1970s and 1980s and bowled a lot at the neighborhood bowling alley. So, according to, this gave Kelly a great idea to open a 70s-inspired bowling alley called Bowlero Lanes & Lounge in Royal Oak.

I was always drawn to mid-century things – the bright colors and playful design,” says Southfield-based Elliott, who has been working on the lanes for more than six months with her husband, Dean Elliott. I distinctly remember a neighbor's kitchen circa 1979-80, and seeing orange and yellow Formica cabinets, wallpaper with happy little mushrooms on it, and avocado-green fridge and stove.


How fun will this be? Bowlero's is home to 16 lanes. When you walk in you will see new vinyl booths the color of Orange Crush. You will hear plenty of cool tunes with a DJ nightly. You can show your kids what it was like for you growing up.

Talk About Bringing Back Some Memories

If you prefer live music you can stroll over to their groovy lounge. Hungry? A kitchen is coming soon. This is truly a trip back with old TV clips on their TVs above the lanes.

Call me old, but this is a night of fun right up my alley, you may see me there soon in my bell-bottom pants and my Partridge Family t-shirt.

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