To absolutely no one’s surprise Governor Whitmer has extended her declared state of emergency for the entire state.  She has extended that declaration and her powers that come with that act according to her interpretation of the 1945 Emergency Powers Act and her total ignoring of The Emergency Management Act of 1976.

This current extension goes through September 4 and will extend her unilateral reign of power for 178 days.  Interesting to point out that this new deadline falls just two days after the Michigan Supreme Court is supposed to hear oral arguments on whether the Governor actually has the power to extend an emergency declaration indefinitely without the approval of the Legislature.

As I stated before do you really want this kind of power to be in the hands of one person in the state of Michigan?  The Emergency Management Act of 1976 addressed this issue only allowing the Governor of Michigan to unilaterally declare a state of emergency in Michigan for 28 days and then after that they must get legislative approval.

Governor Whitmer has ignored that law.

A Jennifer Granholm appointed judge in the Michigan Court of Claims ruled back in May that Whitmer had the authority to extend an emergency without legislative approval under the 1945 Michigan emergency law.  That Granholm appointed liberal judge herself totally ignored The Emergency Management Act of 1976.

In a statement Whitmer said:

"I will continue to use every tool at my disposal to protect Michiganders from the spread of this virus…I want to remind everyone in Michigan to wear a mask, practice safe physical distancing and do everything in your power to fight COVID-19.”

She went on to say:

“As we have re-engaged sectors of our economy, and in turn put thousands of Michiganders back to work, it is still vital that employees feel empowered to make the right choice to say home if they, or someone they have been in contact with is sick,"

One problem Governor Whitmer, you are limiting or shutting down businesses as the positive case numbers have leveled off for over a month now and the daily death count has been in single digits for over a month.

So what is this “as we have re-engaged sectors of our economy” you speak of?

There is a list of businesses that have permanently closed their doors and their dreams and livelihoods have been crushed by your extended shutdown of our economy in Michigan.


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