Last November Michigan was being overtaken by the Covid-19 virus. The state was averaging over 6,000 new cases a day.  Even the AP and CBS news could not avoid it and ran a headline stating:

Michigan's COVID-19 hospitalizations reach record high


The local NBC affiliate WDIV channel 4 wrote the following headline:

Data: Michigan seeing highest COVID case numbers in US”

It would be a legitimate question to ask where was Governor Whitmer during these trying times as the Covid-19 virus was burning through our state.

She was partying with the rich and famous in Beverly Hills California asking for and inhaling copious amounts of cash.  Cash from people who have nothing to do with the state of Michigan.

Even the national media has caught wind of what she was inhaling in California, the Washington Free Beacon has reported on her partying.

They inform us of one of those parties in which she stayed at a small little hotel they call the Beverly Hilton. The Beverly Hilton is a quaint little 569-room hotel where the Golden Globes are hosted each year.  I am sure they have very affordable rooms, perhaps she got a package deal.  Who paid for that hotel room?.

While Michigan was suffering last year from the Covid-19 virus, a virus she and Biden told us they would eradicate if you elected Joe Biden, Whitmer raised:

  • $78,000 at a private Los Angeles fundraiser with Hollywood soap opera producer Colleen Bell.
  • $88,650 from private events in Los Angeles and San Francisco as ambulance companies in Michigan experienced severe labor shortages that led to delayed response times.
  • $56,600 from two Silicon Valley fundraisers.

That brings a total haul of more than $223,000 over her three-day party in La La land.  All while Michigan burned with the Covid-19 virus.  A  highly placed anonymous source (isn’t that what they always brought up with Trump?) in the Whitmer Administration told me she even played fiddle at one of her many parties.  Or was it Adele who told me that “Rumor Has It” she played that fiddle and laughed, one of the two?

I looked at a map and found that California isn't even close to Michigan?

Why are so many on the looney left coast contributing to a political race in Michigan?

Do we really want their political ideologue in Michigan?  They have already ruined what use to be a beautiful state and now they want to metastasize their cancer to Michigan and beyond?  It appears that Whitmer is going to allow that to happen.  People do not give that kind of cash and expect nothing in return.

Here is a question for Governor Whitmer, who paid for your jet ride to California this time?

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