Kalamazoo and beer are like peanut butter and chocolate. Great on their own, but together it just makes too much sense.

However, one side of the illustrious duo may take a bit of a siesta, or at the very least, become a very expensive date.

According to Axios, a supply chain crisis could impact beer sales nationwide. A shortage of carbon dioxide production thanks to an inactive Mississippi volcano was caused by a natural contamination. I wish I was making this up.

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Believe it or not, the Jackson Dome, located in (or under, rather) Jackson, Mississippi is the oldest known volcanic structure in the United States. And its troubles are causing brewery shut downs across the country.

Axios says that small, independent brewers are taking the brunt of the situation. One such brewery in Boston had to close production and anticipate it could take a year to resume business.

For the brewers fighting through the supply shortage, production costs are soaring to three-to-four times as high. While beer prices haven't risen quite as much as food and other beverages the past several months, this situation could see prices sky-rocket.

One workaround that is hopefully an option for our local Kalamazoo brewers is using reclaimed CO2. There's a relatively new technology available to brewers that recaptures CO2, allowing the gas to be recycled for future use. Better yet, it's great for the environment! Of course, any brewer that wasn't ahead of the curve on this front is going to bring in a hefty cost for the tech, which of course impacts beer prices.

Hopefully this shortage doesn't impact one of Kalamazoo's most treasured recreational hobbies too much.

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