"Let's go take a look and see what we can get ourselves into." A YouTuber pokes around the neglected K-Mart in Battle Creek.

Manny Quacioua has a YouTube channel dedicated to dead malls and blue light specials. He has traveled around Ohio, parts of Pennsylvania and now, Michigan, probing abandoned shopping malls and K-Marts. His latest stop puts him on Capital Avenue Southwest in Battle Creek, where K-Mart shut the doors in 2017.

Like an archaeologist looking for lost fossils, a scrap of fabric from the Jacyln Smith clothing line would be an incredible find. It's too bad that the store has been securely boarded up and the camera never gets inside.The "no tresspassin'" sign and the cheap padlock prevent Manny from committing a misdemeanor to engage in further exploration.

Take a look at the brief video below and perhaps The Chronicles of Quacioua will return to the Cereal City. Hopefully Lakeview Square Mall won't be next on the list of abandoned sites to explore.

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