The city of Battle Creek wants to hear from the public about a potentially permanent change at an intersection in the city. It’s regarding four-way stop signs at 28th Street and W. Territorial Rd in Battle Creek.

In July 2021, a neighbor who lives near the intersection requested that the change be made due to a large number of traffic crashes and also seeing children run across the roadways in that area to avoid traffic.

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A study was conducted and found that the crash history alone was enough evidence to make the intersection an all-way (or 4-way) stop. It was converted to one in November of 2021 on a trial basis. The City Commission will vote on whether to make this permanent at their regular meeting Tuesday night.

At the time we did this, it was a temporary traffic order, which is allowed by city ordinance. A temporary traffic order can be in place for 90 days. At that point, the City Commission must vote on it. If they approve, the change becomes permanent. If they disapprove, we remove the signs/signal, and the area returns to how it worked before. - Battle Creek Communications Manager Jessica VanderKolk

The meeting is in person at Battle Creek City Hall at 10 N. Division St. beginning at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, February 15. To give official public comment, you must attend in person, or email before the meeting.

If you want to request a traffic change in any other areas of the city, you can start by contacting the team at the Department of Public Works by calling 269-966-3343.

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