In today’s environment, a School will never say they teach Critical Race Theory (CRT).  They would simply call it something else or teach the tenets of it.  You can ask school boards, school districts, administrations and teachers if they teach CRT and they will say absolutely not, accept that answer nicely but do not stop there.  Always be prepared for the follow-up questions.

There are several ways to teach children.  As S. Ernie Walton an Assistant Professor at Regent University School of Law in Virginia Beach, VA wrote in an American Spectator piece “As every educator knows, “teaching” — especially of the ideological ilk — happens in a variety of ways. First, teaching can happen through direct transmission of ideas. For example, Chinese students had to read Mao’s Little Red Book, and Nazi students had to read Mein Kampf”

He went on to say explain how the Nazi’s did teach the younger children who could not understand their book:

“The Nazis and Communists didn’t leave the ideological instruction solely to the direct transmission of ideas, nor could they. Rather, the entire curriculum was constructed to ensure that students were completely submerged in Nazi and Communist ideology.”

As an example teachers taught the Nazi ideology through indirect means.  He went on to speak of “racial studies” sound familiar?  In those classes teachers “would read children stories that portrayed Jews as inferior, untrustworthy, and parasitic. In one story, Jews were dehumanized and shown to be the “antithesis of Aryan humanity,” pictured as a “poisonous mushroom” that needed to be destroyed lest it kill the German people from within”.

I am not trying to equate teachers today teaching “social justice” or “equity-based” lessons to teachers teaching Nazism.  I am giving the example Mr. Walton used on methods of teaching ideology to young children.

Let’s get back to what follow-up questions you should be asking.

These grade schools may not be giving the social justice, equity and CRT cash machines disguised as books by Ibram X. Kendi, Richard Delgado, Derrick Bell, and Robin DiAngelo and others who have boarded the money train.  They could be taught the fundamental tenets of CRT without giving children those cash machines to read and many never understand.

Mr. Walton wrote “when schools separate out white and black children in different classes, they are teaching children one of CRT’s core presuppositions: that white people, solely by virtue of their skin color, are oppressors, and that black and brown people, solely by virtue of their skin color, are victims — victims of white supremacy and the systemically racist system that prevents people of color (POC) from succeeding in America. Because they are victims, POCs need to be separated from whites and organized into groups with other POCs to give them “more opportunities,” more empathy, and more of a voice.”

He then went on to say:

“consider also how schools implement “equity-based” discipline polices that prevent administrators from disciplining minorities because such children have allegedly been disproportionately disciplined in that district. When they do this, schools are teaching students a fundamental tenet of CRT:  that justice is not about due process and equal treatment for every individual but instead about achieving equality of outcome for oppressed groups. Unsurprisingly, the NSBA itself advocates for these types of discipline policies.

In other instances, schools are being caught instructing teachers how to teach CRT directly to students. Teachers are being trained in CRT’s key terms and presuppositions and then taught how to implement the ideology’s tenets in the classroom.”

We learned from a report in the Daily Caller of what was going on in the Indianapolis Public School district, the largest school district in the state.  Leadership in that school district told principals to deny that CRT was being taught in the district.  Meanwhile, they paid a CRT theorist by the name of Gloria Ladson-Billings to instruct their teachers about “racial equity”.

Your school district may not be teaching CRT, social justice or “equity-based” classes.

You should be ready with your follow-up questions to determine if they are teaching the tenets of CRT.

A site called Parents for America believes the five basic tenets (beliefs) of Critical Race Theory are:

Tenet 1 -- Racism is a central component of American Life

Tenet 2 -- CRT rejects the objective of color blindness

Tenet 3 -- Anecdotal experiences of people of color are more valid than statistical or empirical evidence

Tenet 4 -- CRT challenges the lessons of conventional history

Tenet 5 -- CRT is committed to a social justice agenda

The Heritage Foundation has a great piece about Critical Race Theory. It is worth reading.

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