I first wrote a piece last October titled “Be Ready When A School Tells You They Do Not Teach Critical Race Theory. Here Are Some Follow-Up Questions”.  In that piece I wrote the following:

“In today’s environment, a School will never say they teach Critical Race Theory (CRT).  They would simply call it something else or teach the tenets of it.  You can ask school boards, school districts, administrations and teachers if they teach CRT and they will say absolutely not, accept that answer nicely but do not stop there.  Always be prepared for the follow-up questions.”

I then had to write a follow-up piece on November 17th titled “Critical Race Theory is being taught in Michigan and here is the evidence”.  The follow-up piece was necessary due to the fact that the Detroit Public Schools Superintendent Nikolai Vitti, at a school board meeting, said that critical race theory (CRT) is actually being taught in the state’s largest school district.  I appreciate that he was honest about it.

At that School Board meeting Superintendent Vitti said:

“Our curriculum is deeply using critical race theory especially in social studies, but you’ll find it in English language arts and the other disciplines. ... Students need to understand the truth of history … understand the history of this country, to better understand who they are and about the injustices that have occurred in this country.”

In fact, they reported that Vitti actually embraces the basic tenets of CRT racist theory.  CRT teaches that all white children are born racist because of the color of their skin and all people of color are and will always remain victims because of the color of their skin.  How sad is that?

Now, state Representative Matt Hall has posted a poll asking Michiganders if CRT should be taught in schools.  Apparently, he did not read my piece in which I informed Michigan that it is currently being taught in our largest school district.

You can not only vote in his poll but you can then write a comment on the Facebook page hosting this poll.

Erik wrote:

“The only schools that teach that are advanced law school classes. Way to race bait people who it's not even an issue for. Trolling for troglodytes.”

Apparently, Erik has no idea what is happening in Michigan when it comes to CRT, or is he “trolling for troglodytes” who believes what he thinks he knows and believes?

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