There’s a new Farmers Market in Battle Creek, sort of.   The Bedford Farmers Market has been going three of the last four years, moving around from various locations, but the market has a great new location and opens on Saturday May 8th.

Pete and Judy VanGoetham are the volunteer force behind it.  “We started at the Bedford Township Hall, moved to the Pizza Parlor, and tried Algonquin Park,” said Pete VanGoetham.  “Even with the pandemic last year, we had 19 vendors, so we felt it was certainly something worth doing.”

VanGoetham said there’s no funding for the market, but it’s something he and his wife love to do.  “We just love the environment of a Farmers Market.”

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VanGoetham said he worked as a truck driver and met Amish farmers in LaGrange, Indiana, and more farmers near Benton Harbor and all over the place.  Those contacts have paid off in attracting vendors to the Bedford Farmer’s market.

But the thing that may be bringing vendors in the most is the cost.   It’s free!   “All they have to do is show up about an hour early and sign a waiver”, said VanGoetham. “We encourage people with gardens to grow a little extra, and come out and sell the surplus.   They can put the money right in their pocket and head home.  If you make it, bake it, paint it, grow it or perfect it, come on out and sell it.”

VanGoetham said he and his wife have a vegetable garden and some goats and chickens and they enjoy having a booth at the market.

  • Who: Farmers, bakers, crafters, and consumers
  • What: The Bedford Farmers Market
  • When:  Beginning May 8th, 9am-2pm and every Saturday thereafter through the end of September.
  • Where:  2388 West Michigan Avenue at the corner of Hussey Avenue, where the old Quality Farm and Fleet was.
  • Why: There no charge for vendors for a 10’ X 10’ vending space, with lots of parking and a great and visible location.
  • How: Show up, sign the waiver, put up your own awning or popup, and display your wares!

For more information go to Facebook or call 269-964-8083 and ask for Judy or Pete.

Bedford Farmer's Market, Michigan and Hussey Ave-Google Street View
Bedford Farmer's Market, Michigan and Hussey Ave-Google Street View

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