I saw the following video last evening and I could not believe that this was actually happening in our country.  I wondered if this video was actually doctored but found out that it was not, it is what really happened and should be an eye-opener for what the Democratic Party has in store for this country.  The only Democrat-elected politician that spoke against this was the mayor of Washington D.C. and she did so reluctantly and tepidly.

The following occurred on the streets of our nation's capital while people were finally getting back to going to a restaurant and dining outdoors.  Black Lives Matter supporters were hunting down and confronting any white diners outside D.C. restaurants.  When they frowned their prey they would scream “White silence is violence” at them and demand that the white diners show their solidarity with them by raising their fist.  Oh, how I wish I was eating at one of their diners and these Nazi Brownshirt Democrats approached me or some other person eating.

Be forewarned the following video is extremely disturbing.

Did you notice how they were NOT practicing social distancing and instead were spreading their filthy germs. I am pretty sure their masks were not very effective when yelling at people only inches away from their heads.

After watching the video I was amazed at what the Democratic Party and their schools have done to our youth.  Today’s liberals demand you do what they say, think what they think and obey them.

It was heartening to see that one woman would not bend to these Democrat Nazi Brown Shirts demands.   What about everyone else eating on the streets, apparently they obeyed their tormentors.

By the way, where are all the real men at that restaurant, why were they not protecting that woman from these Democrat Brown Shirt mobs? 

We cannot debate any other issues as long as the mayors and Governors of these Democrat-controlled cities and streets are allowing the rioting, looting, burning and occupation of their cities.

Vote this fall for law and order up and down the ticket and then we can debate the other issues, these Democrat Mayors and Governors must stop looking the other way when their supporters attack.

Enough is enough America, stand with all of us who want law and order on our streets.

As President Trump stated and I believe to be very true, there has never been a:

“clearer choice between two parties, two visions, two philosophies or two agendas...This election will decide whether we will defend the American way of life or allow a radical left movement to completely dismantle and destroy it...It will not happen.”

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