Blue Moon Fitness in Battle Creek is open.   It is staying open despite Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s virus closing order.  It is an order recently upheld by an appeals panel of three judges from the 6th Circuit in Ohio.  So far there is no word from the plaintiffs in the initial federal lawsuit whether they will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Joel Potter owns Blue Moon in Battle Creek along with a couple of other locations. He confirms city police visited the Beckley Road fitness center last week and issued a verbal notice to close within 72 hours. Potter is so far refusing to close.  The department may revisit the fitness center again this week, possibly as early as today, with potentially more forceful terms.

Potter says the reasoning used by the Governor to issue virus control orders and shutdowns is difficult to follow. He says, quoting now, “To think that a home improvement store is essential while you have to watch your pet suffer and die because the veterinarian is closed in your state is just nonsense.” Blue Moon’s Potter tells WBCK, “I know exercise is medicine and my team and I just want to serve those who want that option available.” Other fitness centers and gyms scattered around the state are also opening contrary to the Governor's virus shutdown. Most all echo the same sentiments that physical fitness is an important if not critical part of life and self-preservation.  Looks like there may be some like Owosso Barber Karl Manke in the fitness world. Manke won the backing of the Michigan State Supreme Court in his battle with the Governor over a related virus closing order.

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