There's nothing like the hot trends from the late 1800s, and who could forget the biggest craze in Battle Creek in 1885?      ...<crickets>      So, you never heard of the crazy and out of control bologna sausage surprise parties that took the town by storm that year?

If you think we are making this one up, or "telling a thumper" as they would have said then, we promise that it is a real headline from Battle Creek from April 26th, 1885. The article simply states:

A bologna sausage surprise party is the newest fad. Each guest brings a link of sausage and a pound of crackers.

So the unfortunate part is, we don't know much more and we really, really would like to. So many questions:

1. Who is the surprise for?

2. Where is a party like this held?

2. What does one wear to a bologna sausage surprise party?

3. Is there an 1800s double entendre we are missing here?

So help us out. Maybe you had a great-great-great grandparent who threw the most epic bologna sausage surprise parties during the old days in the Cereal City. We would love some answers.


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