The Calhoun County Board of Commissioners met in an online session on Thursday, and some road projects were the main items of business.

Calhoun County Administrator Kelli Scott said the Board:

  • Approved four MDOT contracts for the Calhoun County Road Department. These federal aid funded contracts are for road improvement projects on Capital Ave, Morgan Road, Division Drive, and Partello Road.
  • Approved a design engineering services contract award for a federal aid funded Raymond Road bridge replacement project
  • Approved the application for the 2021 Medical Marijuana Operation and Oversight Grant for the Calhoun County Sheriff's Department

Calhoun County board chairman Steve Frisbee was on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins.

“We approved four different MDOT contracts in Leroy, Albion, Sheridan, Marengo, and Bedford Townships.  One of the big ones that we're going to do is on Capital Avenue Southwest as you enter into Battle Creek from the south,” said Frisbie.  “When you hit the city limits, it's not in bad shape at all. But in Leroy Township, it's been beaten up for a while. We were able to secure federal funds to redo that.”

Capital Ave SW -Google Street View
Capital Ave SW -Google Street View

Frisbie said the projects use small, rural BCATS Federal Aid Project Funds.  “And then Morgan Road in Bedford Township on M-37 from just up on the hill where the county's right away starts to North Avenue will be rebuilt this coming year, and then the following year the rest of Morgan to M-66 should get redone”.

Another project involves some bridgework in the works over on Raymond.  “Raymond Road, North of Michigan Avenue, and believe it's over the railroad tracks.  They need to do some substructure work on that one and  they're going to do a little bit of deck work too, but  mostly the substructure needs rehabbing and repair, so they don't work on that.”

The County Board also approved the application for the medical marijuana operation and oversight grant for the Sheriff's department.

“We're awarded dollars based on the number of medical marijuana cards that we have in the County. The application of this is limited communication, outreach, and education of marijuana issues so that people understand the risk that there is with marijuana.  I think we're going to try to focus that in the school through the Sheriff's department.”

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