Calhoun County’s newest Commissioners have been sworn in, but one of them isn’t happy about sacrifices they were forced to make.

Tommy Miller won the District 6 County Commission seat back in November. The Battle Creek Enquirer says that Miller has been a road worker with the Calhoun County Road Department for 14 years, and wanted to continue on in that capacity; he even applied for a leave of absence for the length of his term.

However, the County’s legal counsel says that Miller could not do this, as state law prohibits people from being employed with a county while also serving as an elected official with that county.

As a result, on Thursday Miller resigned from his job with the Road Department when he was sworn in as Commissioner, but did so under protest.

Regardless of these difficulties, he says he looks forward to serving the people of District 6 and working to improve how the county handles things like road projects.

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