Calhoun County Board of Commissioners Chair Steve Frisbie is challenging Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s ongoing virus shutdown. He’s sent a letter to the Governor about the issue and copied several members of the state legislature. He also posted the text of the letter to his Facebook page.

Frisbie is offering a comprehensive overview of related medical and mental health issues. He contends closing a state over a virus just doesn’t work. Quoting Frisbie, “COVID-19 will continue to spread, it is a virus.  Chairman Frisbie points out, “If we treated all causes of death equally, we would outlaw all poor choices. Many are outlawed and they continue (drunk driving is one example) to occur. Death cannot be stopped by policy.”

County Board Chair Frisbie has had dozens of responses from community members to his social media post. Nearly every response is supportive of his position. But otherwise, crickets. Nothing from the Governor.

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Just last month, the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners approved a resolution supporting the end of business closing orders and restrictions. The resolution also asked for the appropriation of enough stimulus money to get those devastated businesses back on their feet. There’s been little if any substantive reaction to that resolution. Frisbie is hoping his personal letter will garner some more attention and support.

Frisbie is telling the Governor the time has come to reopen the state. The ripple effect of financial losses through the business community he says is staggering and cannot continue. Every job says Frisbie, is essential. He covers many other aspects of the virus outbreak and the Governor's related shutdown orders and business restrictions, including increasing numbers of suicides and narcotics overdoses.

He closes the letter saying, “Our state's economic future depends on a strong local business community. The devastation of our business owners must end."

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