Daryl Davis is a black man who is a musician and race relations expert who in the years past have spoken to and rehabilitated members of groups like the KKK.

The Daily Caller is reporting that Mr. Davis was a speaker recently at an “Ending Racism” event organized by group called MINDS.  This event was part of a series “intended to create dialogue and promote viewpoint diversity.”

The “Ending Racism” event was supposed to be in a theater in New Jersey but had to be moved to a center in Pennsylvania because the Democratic facist group Antifa threatened to burn down the theater.  Nice people wouldn’t you say?

Mr. Davis said that this Antifa group know who he is yet still called him a white supremacist because he chose to attend this event.

Mr. Davis told the Daily Caller News Foundation:

I laughed, I thought it was funny...What it proves is they had no point. They had no evidence of anything. When it boils down to just name calling people and you don’t show any proof and you refuse to talk to them … they refused to even come in. There were no Klansman or Neo-Nazi’s in there or alt-right people.

Mr. Davis is then added the following:

They [Antifa] want to shut down any dialogue with racists, people who have differing views of their own...Their thing is, you know, just beat it out of them or make it impossible for them to meet...Half of them may believe [in] what they’re doing … they may believe that they’re doing some good. But I truly believe that the other half of them [Antifa] are simply into anarchy … They’re anti-racist, so they’re gonna go beat up people who are racist – but this is the exact same thing the racists do. They’re not behaving any differently.

Apparently no one is immune from being called a white supremacist by the left not even a black man.

When all you have left is name calling, hate and violence there is not much left of your political party is there?

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