Ice boating is the most fun you can have at Cedar Point in the Winter.

Anyone who has been to Cedar Point has memories of their favorite ride. I'd bet you also remember the drive to the park, over the long causeway jutting out into Sandusky Bay. Boats cruise the waters as seagulls float on the breeze overhead most of the year. Once the bay is frozen, Winter brings a different kind of creature- the ice boat.

Essentially, an iceboat is a sailboat on skis, designed to glide on a frozen lake, powered by the wind. A steering rudder gives the pilot some sense of control. Originally used for transportation, recreation is now the main use of these vessels. There are iceboat racing clubs in Sandusky, OH, several in Wisconsin and a handful of groups in Detroit, Muskegon and Gull Lake, Michigan.

See the icy action of iceboating in the video below. Just because the coasters are closed doesn't mean there's no excitement at Cedar Point. This is a new ride you have to try.

h/t Great Lakes Nerds Facebook group

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