Despite the park being closed, Cedar Point is not letting the holiday pass by without celebrating.

Every year, the amusement park holds "Light Up the Point" for their 4th of July Celebration and this year the party continues.

...the sky is set to explode in an array of colors, flashes, booms and sparkles!

Since the actual park is closed obviously things are going to look a little different and instead people will be able to watch the fireworks from the main parking lot which will offer prime viewing of the show. For $20 per car, people can park in the main lot for a close-up view. All proceeds will go towards The Sandusky State Theatre and Second Harvest Food Bank of North Central Ohio.

Gates will open at 8 p.m. and the show begins at 10 p.m. Tickets must be purchased prior to the 4th.

Since pretty much all of the major firework events in West Michigan have been cancelled this could be an option for you and your family.

Cedar Point has been closed throughout the pandemic but plans on reopening July 9 for those who have season passes. From July 11 to 22nd the park will be open for Season Passholders and those who are staying on the resort/hotel only. It will be open to the public on July 23rd.

Before planning your trip to Cedar Point, you must reserve your entry this year on the website or mobile app. All guests will also go through a health screening and be required to wear face masks. You can find more about their reopening plan and what you can expect here.

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