Can Gretchen Whitmer be beaten in her re-election campaign? 

The answer is yes.

Will it be easy?

The answer is no.

Why will it not be easy?

Because of the following reasons:

  • It is difficult to beat an incumbent who has almost all of the media on her side and refuses to ask the tough follow-up questions and investigate her possible wrongdoings.
  • It is difficult to beat an incumbent with what will be an unordinary amount of money from outside of Michigan.  This unordinary amount of money will be coming her way because Biden named her the vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee.  It would be a complete embarrassment for him and the Party for her to lose.
  • It is difficult to beat an incumbent who has control over the election process and has proven she and her cohorts, I am looking at you Benson, will use it.

One man has a very good chance of facing all of those challenges/obstacles and beating her, that man is Detroit police Chief James Craig. Last Friday evening the Detroit News reported that “a source close to the chief” said he will run for Governor next year.  It is also being reported that he would run as a Republican.  Craig has admitted discussing a potential candidacy with both the state and national Republican officials.

Michigan’s chairmen of the state’s Republican Party Ron Weiser, said that he has talked with chief Craig and stated:

“I think he would make a fine candidate, should he choose to run”

I have always admired the Chief’s no-nonsense, common sense thoughts when it came to the issues he was discussing.  He, unlike the current Democrat Party, believes in a strong law and order society and has worked with the community in Detroit to earn their trust and confidence.

I look forward to his thoughts on all the issues affecting Michigan and the country today so I can then decide whether to support him in the primary.

The following is a very recent interview of Chief Craig, one in which you will get an insight into some of his thoughts on the issues facing us today:

An interesting fact I found out in that Detroit News article.  Did you know that the former opponent of Whitmer, Bill Schuette received only 3.7% of the vote in Detroit compared with Whitmer's 94% in their 2018 race?

That is how difficult it is for a Republican to win in Detroit and state-wide races these days.  Perhaps Chief Craig could change that.

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