If your mom used to tell you that your room looked like Fibber McGee's closet, and you never knew what that meant, then come out to the Great Escape Stage Company.   I am part of the cast as we re-create three classic radio shows on stage.  We're doing "The Shadow," "Fibber McGee & Molly," and "The Lone Ranger."


I get to play Lamont Cranston/The Shadow, the Lone Ranger, and the Great Gildersleeve! It's a blast.

And we get to make a lot of the sound effects on stage, and use the groovy classic mic replicas that I made from stuff at the hardware store.



Director John Sherwood put together the script and had this to say about the production:

"The cast of 'GESC Classic Radio Theater' at the Great Escape Stage Company has been piling up a metric ton of creative ideas and expertise to shape the 'live radio' show that opens on stage this week and continues next week. As a result, three episodes of 1930s and 1940s classic radio will materialize before the eyes (and ears) of GESC's audiences. Tim Collins and Karen Carr York are transforming themselves into The Shadow and femme fatale Margot Lane. Cameron Lake and Kyra Hill are morphing into Fibber McGee and Molly. Sam Pizzazz Jones can go into a hypnotic trance, or become a loopy lady or a crusty geezer seemingly at will, and Antonio Alejandro Barroso is reaching into the collective unconscious to channel Peter Lorre and Tonto, faithful friend of the Lone Ranger. Elena Solero is tickling the ivories at precise moments to produce delicate and crazy noises at the piano. The sound effects are becoming creepily authentic and we're having great fun transmitting the Shadow's thought waves through the ether, opening Fibber's crammed closet and pitting Silver against a wild buffalo."


The Box Office is open - 269-781-2700. Shows are THU 7/23, FRI 7/24, SAT 7/25, WED 7/29, THU 7/30, and FRI 7/31 - all at 8:00 PM.....plus a 3:00 PM matinee on SUN 7/26. Tickets are $15 each and reservations are suggested!

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