After 14 years, the husband of the late Renee Pagel was sentenced for her murder with the couple's children in attendance.

It has been over a decade but justice has finally been served. Mike Pagel was sentenced on Monday, October 5, for the murder of his wife and the mother of his children. In a Kent County courtroom, 55-year-old Mike Pagel learned he will serve 25 to 50 years in prison for the murder of Renee Pagel.

Renee, a 41-year-old mother of three, was stabbed to death in her bed at her home on August 5, 2006. Renee was in the process of divorcing Mike at that time. Mike has long been thought responsible but until February of this year, authorities did not have enough proof. Mike was finally arrested in May of this year after investigators said he made “incriminating statements” that led them to the location of the murder weapon, according to WOOD tv.

In May, Mike pleaded guilty to second-degree murder under the terms of a plea agreement, he claims he hired his brother Charles to kill his wife and that Charles Pagel was the one who actually stabbed her. Investigators looked into those claims and say they found no evidence it is true.

When given a chance to speak during court proceedings Mike addressed the couple's children, who were in attendance, to forgive him. He went on to say he regretted murdering their mother Renee. He went on to say “The stress of the divorce and the custody battle was more than I could take. I was not in my right mind.”

Renee's friends and family never gave up hope that justice would be served. A social media page "Justice for Renee Pagel" and a website were started in the years that followed her murder.

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