Can a Police force protect you against criminals with guns if they have no guns?

Well apparently a University of North Carolina-Ashville (UNCA) student group believes so.

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting about the UNCA Student Action Coalition group who are demanding that their campus police immediately disarm themselves.  They also want any funds used to arm the campus police be used for student mental health services, I am assuming that means the students that belong to their group.

At their rally on October 16, 2017 the group said:

If demands are not met, and negotiations are not made, next steps will be taken.

They went on to say:

UNCA reinvest weapons money into health and counseling to provide students with more than 10 sessions a semester and more experienced and licensed therapists

The question I have is why these students would put themselves and more importantly other students in harm’s way by asking that their police force disarm themselves.  Do they not see the insanity in that demand, maybe not since they are asking for that money to be redistributed to student mental health services?

The UNCA Police Chief Eric Boyce told the schools paper, the Blue Banner, that they have not bought any new weapons in 4 years.  He went on to say:

disarming the officers would free up a meager $3,000

Would $3,000 in additional mental health service funds even be close to enough to help this group with the mental illnesses they apparently are suffering from?

One thing you must know about this group that might explain their insane demand is the group describes themselves as a group of students and community members "mobilizing to bring social justice and equality" to UNCA.

I think that just might explain their endeavor to attempt to put others including themselves in great danger if a shooting was to occur on their campus.

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