We so often hear about the term snowflakes in describing college students who demand “safe spaces”, “trigger warnings”, “microaggressions” and the what they deem as “hate speech”.

Some college graduate students have now taken the term snowflakes to a new level.  According to a Washington Free Beacon article a group of Yale University graduates students have decided that they will be on a “hunger strike” to force better union benefits.

In the article the group was quoted as stating:

Yale wants to make us wait and wait and wait … until we give up and go away.  We have committed ourselves to waiting without eating.

I stated above that these graduate students have taken the term snowflake to a new level because it appears that their hunger strike will only be a hunger strike between meals.  A pamphlet that a former Yale student tweeted out stated that the hunger strike is only “symbolic” and the hunger strikers can leave and eat when they their bodies tell them they are hungry.

The pamphlet stated:

We invite you to come sit instead of eating your lunch.  Instead of eating lunch sit with us and lift our spirits.  When one of us cannot continue come take our place

The tweeter of the pamphlet has since protected his account and the tweet cannot be seen on their account.  The tweeter was a bit too late and a picture of the pamphlet was published in some news reports about the “hunger strike”.

The hunger strikers of the past must be embarrassed by these snowflakes who do not even have the fortitude to endure a real hunger strike to protest their grievances.

I encourage and protect the right of people to peacefully protest their grievances so I say to these “hunger strikers” good luck and keep up your “hunger strike” and your sacrifices between breakfast, lunch, dinner and a late night snack.

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