For the small village of Colon, Michigan, widely known as the Magic Capital of the World, any news is big news, as this tight-knit community has always been supportive of each other and their businesses. The M&M Grille which has been located at 218 East State Street for many years has seen some great times. The original was called the M & M Soda Grill. The "M & M" stood for Margaret and Morris, who were the first owners of the shop. The new owners of the building recently found photos of the then white brick building, and after doing some renovation, unearthed the original green tile flooring.

The renovations are coming because the new owners Allie Kyle and Nathan Clipfell have recently announced that they are breathing new life into the foundation of the building, and announced they're launching a brand new diner:

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Nathan & I are so excited to officially let you know that the will be opening up in the heart of Colon at 218 East State Street!! We are so grateful to everyone for supporting us and cheering us on - we can’t wait to open our doors to the community! This space is a DREAM for us and we hope it brings a bit of joy to everyone who visits. Stay tuned for updates on our grand opening date!
The new restaurant Magic Capital Grille, has the tagline, "Serving Your Daily Magic," which is quite fitting. As stated above, there is no official opening date however the sign on the front says they'll be open sometime this fall. We'll have to keep an eye out for the Grand Opening.

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