I noticed some big changes as I passed through Otsego during my daily commute home to Allegan-- and big changes aren't something you typically see very often in downtown Otsego!

Some major construction is happening at the former M-89 Sports Bar and it's got myself and fellow area residents curious to know what's going on? Is the old sports bar being torn down for good? Here's what we know so far:

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M-89 Closes

If I recall correctly, the closure of M-89 Sports Bar was another Covid restaurant casualty. The popular watering hole was a great spot to take in live music on any given weekend, but when the music stopped due to the Coronavirus the business struggled to keep its doors open.

Next Door Neighbors

Thankfully, Maude's Taphouse and Liquid Note Brewing which are located next door to the sports bar were able to full the void. Liquid Note, which opened in early 2019, is a small brewery and live music venue owned by the McPherson's-- the same mother/son duo who own the taphouse.

What's in the Works?

What has been in the works for months, and perhaps even years, is finally seeing the light of day. According to a recent Facebook post, the brewery is expanding it's live entertainment capacity and turning the former sports bar space into an outdoor live music venue.

Residents seem pretty excited about the new space. Not only because it can potentially attract bigger acts, but because the former M-89 building won't be completely gone which means plenty of opportunities for new memories to be made!

Here's what locals had to say:

  • "Wow an outdoor venue! I will always miss M89 but am excited to have an outdoor venue." - Sherri Fewless
  • "It’s gonna be awesome!! An outdoor venue! They’re hoping to bring more bigger bands here and I believe it will seat around 2000…but don’t quote me on that please!" - Leslie Stuller
  • "They have kept the metal beams. It will look nice and makes sense why it’s been gutted if it’s an outdoor venue." - Rebecca Steffens

I don't have an official timeline on the project but it'd be great to see this space finished in time to see some live music on the patio before the cold sets in. Have you ever seen a show at Liquid Note Brewing?

via Google Maps
via Google Maps


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