It is still unclear what caused a motorist to veer around a parked fire truck, with lights flashing, on I-94 into the path of Comstock Township Fire Chief Ed Switalski. The chief was pronounced dead at the scene after rescue crews - already on the scene with Switalski, who was responding to another incident - tried to save him.

Fireman and president of fire safety organization ESCAPE Michael McLeieer tells 95.3 WBCK it is standard practice for emergency crews to place a heavy vehicle - like a fire rig - with lights on blocking a lane. Generally, it has proven to be an effective way to alert oncoming motorists that they should slow down and move over to allow room between them and the scene.

On top of that, McLeieer said many Michigan motorists are not even aware of the so-called "move over law" which requires that motorists slow down and move over on a two-lane highway when there are vehicles on the shoulder.

Fines can be hefty, especially when a motorists violates the move over law and a first responder is injured or killed.

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