If it was any other year beside 2020 we would assume this to be a big hoax, but as we know 9 months in this is not a normal year. Pretty much 2020 is the year of anything's possible.

You can now add this to your "crazy stuff" bingo card for the year. There are reports of a crocodile or alligator, they aren't quite sure yet, swimming in the Clinton River. Macomb County Animal Control is investigating multiple reports that the reptile is  hanging out in the waters located in Harrison Township.

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Macomb Animal Control started looking for the misplaced creature on Tuesday, but haven't spotted the little guy yet. "We have been getting calls and messages on our Facebook page about it," Animal Control Chief Jeff Randazzo told The Detroit News. "We've been asking people who see it to let us know."

There has yet to be any hardcore photographic evidence that "something" is in the water, but animal control will be back out there again Wednesday looking. Randazzo mentioned that it's unlikely there's is actually an alligator or crocodile in the river due to the climate. Michigan's is a bit too cold for crocs or alligators to survive. "They're usually found in very warm climates and they're cold-blooded," he said

There is the possibility that whatever type of aquatic reptile it is could have been dumped by someone in the river as unwanted exotic pet. If there is one lurking in the waters of Harrison Township the warmer temps this week could find them basking in the sun on shore, or out of the waters somewhere.

Residents are advised to call Macomb Animal Control or the police is they spot anything and not try to capture it on their own like Steve Irwin. Duh.


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