Three men from Bloomingdale are facing several charges related to a deer poaching incident over the weekend in Van Buren County. According to WWMT, Sheriff's deputies were alerted to a report of possible poaching in the 15000 block of 41st Street near 24th Avenue Sunday evening. At around 11:00pm, a tipster had noticed a truck shining lights at an open field and then said they heard gunshots.

Whey authorities arrived, the men, two 20-year-olds and one 21-year-old, were pretty much caught red-handed in possession of a loaded rifle and in he process of illegally field dressing a deer inside a barn. It was quickly determined that the deer had been shot only moments earlier.

A Michigan DNR conservation officer responded to assist in the investigation. The deer and the loaded rifle found in possession of the poachers were both confiscated. The three Bloomingdale men are all likely to be charged for hunting without a license, hunting after hours, and shining deer in the month of November among other possible charges.

CLICK HERE to report any poaching activity you might see directly to the Michigan DNR. You can also contact your local county's Sheriff's office to report suspicious hunting and fishing activity.



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