Being an avid outdoorsman just got easier thanks to a new app from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Now anglers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts in general have a wealth of information and services right at their fingertips.

After much testing and development, the free app is now available for both Apple and Android and according to a new press release, will allow users to:

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  • Look up regulations and download guides
  • Find their license history, including point and chance balances.
  • Report deer or fish harvests.
  • Buy hunting and fishing licenses and trail permits

If you ask me, something like this is well overdue! States like Florida and Indiana have been using smartphone apps like this for a while, so it's time for Michigan to join the 21st century.

Of the new app Tom Weston, DNR chief technology officer says,

With hunting seasons just around the corner, the app couldn't have launched at a better time...It has never been easier to get DNR licenses and information – download the free app and get a one-stop shop at your fingertips

However, not everyone is excited for or understands this new technology. On social media one Michigander asked,

What's the difference between this and just going directly to the DNR webpage like many have already done in the last few years?

The answer is convenience! Instead of waiting until you've finished your harvest you can immediately report your harvest and move on with your day-- versus having something hang over you until you're able to get to a computer or a check-in station.

Compliance has been a big issue for the Michigan DNR with many hunters ignoring check-in stations during rifle season or failing to report their harvest altogether. Having this new app in their back pocket should make it easier for hunters to report their harvest.

One user commented: "I miss standing in line at Meijer for licenses. Not!"

Will you be taking advantage of this new app come hunting season?

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