What has happened to the Democratic Party?

Who and what has taken them over?

We now have another elected Democrat to throw on the garbage pile that has become the current Democratic Party.

A state senator from Nebraska by the name of Megan Hunt in a tweet celebrated the suicide of a man she disagreed with politically.  First, a bit you should know about Megan, in her Tweeter profile she describes herself as “Bi queen. Abolish ICE. Equality before the law 2k20. She/her/hers”.  Perhaps she should hook up with the panelist from the Democratic Convention by the name of J Mei.  Do you remember him, his preferred pronouns are they them and according to Wake Forest University's bio of him he is a black Vietnamese transgendered non-binary gender transcended mermaid queen king.

Sounds to me like they would be a lovely couple that would have just lovely and well-adjusted offspring.

On May 30th a man by the name of Jake Gardner a 38-year-old marine veteran confronted a group of Biden supporters/rioters outside one of the bars he owns in Omaha Nebraska.  He saw these “peaceful” protestors violently assault his 70-year-old father and then they turned on him and knocked him to the ground.  Fearful for his life he fired two warning shots and attempted to get back on his feet.   As he was getting to his feet another rioter by the name of James Scurlock attacked him and Gardner fired a shot that killed the rioter.

The district attorney in Omaha had originally ruled Garner had acted in self-defense.  The mob did not like that and took to the streets for more looting, rioting and destruction until a special prosecutor was appointed.

Of course, the politically motivated “special” prosecutor decided to disagree with the district attorney and filed charges against Mr. Gardner.  Last Friday, a judge signed off on an arrest warrant for Mr. Gardner, on counts of manslaughter, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, attempted first-degree assault and making terrorist threats.

Last Sunday Mr. Gardner committed suicide.  What did Democrat state Senator Megan Hunt tweet out:

Not one Democrat in the state or the country has condemned Megan for her tweet.

That is all you need to know about today’s Democratic Party.  Will you enable more behavior like this or say we want no part of this come this November?

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