I really hate to point this out but I want the left-of-center Democrats to realize what their party has turned into or where the energy of their party is and where the energy will be.

A man was outside of President Trump’s rally last Thursday in Minneapolis being interviewed by Vice News wearing a Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat.

Then came along a protester who dutifully spit on the man right in front of the camera.  What did the man say and do, he very calmly said "Oh, nice!" as he wiped the spit off his left cheek.  He then said to the stunned reporter "I'm fine, I'm fine”.

See it for yourself, be aware there is some foul language used by some people who approached him after this occurred and were actually sympathetic to him:

So we can add the spitting by Democrats to the reported throwing of urine at Republicans, burning of MAGA hats, as well as physically attacking Trump supporters while calling them Nazis.  These Democrats are just upstanding American citizens aren’t they?

What is with these Democrats and spitting do you remember:

  • The woman spitting on a pro-life activist late last month at George Washington University?
  • Eric Trump said an employee at a high-end lounge in Chicago spit on him in June.
  • A North Carolina man was allegedly spit upon in June after complaining that a transgender woman was using a restaurant restroom at this same time as his wife.

What is going on with people in the Democratic today, I understand not everyone in the party is this way but there certainly seems to be a growing number of vile, disgusting, aggressive, violent people in that party.  If you look at the people on the left who comment on my pieces on Facebook you can see how they are becoming more aggressive, vile and some even making racist/bigoted comments about Republicans.

Has a President Trump driven them insane?

We do not even hear anyone in elected positions in the Democratic Party or their media condemning this behavior.

It is time that the “normal” people in the Democratic party stop enabling this behavior by not voting for anyone in that party, until they learn they need to stop this growing number of people in their Party behaving this way and even worse.

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