The Hudsonville Ice Cream Company held a contest to come up with a Detroit themed ice cream and a winner was chosen.

Of the 2500 entries in the companies’ quest to create a Detroit-themed flavor contest, one was chosen.

According to an article in Mlive the winner was called "Comeback Cooler." The flavor is a Vernors-inspired Boston Cooler entered by Tracy Heureux of Plymouth, Michigan.  She stated that she had moved to Philadelphia and had always missed the taste of Vernors pop, or soda as some would say in Philly.

Tracy was quoted in the article stating:

I was homesick. So, whenever my husband traveled back home for business, I asked him to bring back Vernors. I would mix it with whatever vanilla ice cream I had. It was special. With this city growing and coming back, it was only fitting to have the name Comeback Cooler.

One small problem though the ingredients include French vanilla custard with a ribbon of ginger. Did you notice what was missing? Vernors!  The company says the ice cream is Vernors-inspired.  I guess that is good enough.

Come on it is ice cream, I will try it.

CJ Ellens, Director of Sales & Marketing for Hudsonville was quoted in the article stating:

Hudsonville Ice Cream was seeking a flavor that would capture the spirit of innovation and re-imagination synonymous with Detroit, the new Comeback Cooler flavor takes a traditional flavor that has long been associated with Detroit and adds a modern twist.

For hear idea Tracy is getting a check for $500 and for the cherry or should I say Vernors flavor on top of the ice cream, a year supply of Hudsonville ice cream.

For all of us yearning to try the ice cream and contribute to the comeback of Michigan, the "Comeback Cooler" flavor ice cream will be available in stores this Fall.

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