So much for the reputation of a Rhodes Scholar.

An Oxford University Professor is claiming that aliens are among us and are breeding with humans.  The student newspaper The Oxford Student is reporting about Dr. Young-hae Chi a professor of Korean language at Oxford believes that aliens are among us and are breeding with humans to produce a new hybrid of species that are here to save our planet.

Dr. Chi started speaking about his beliefs in 2012 and now has written a book on that very subject.  His book is written in Korean and titled Alien Visitations and the End of Humanity.

In his book he has identified four types of aliens:

  1. Small
  2. tall and bold
  3. scaly with snake eyes
  4. and insect-like

He believes the “insect aliens” are in charge of the others and gives orders to the hybrids.

Why are the aliens here?  Well of course to save us from ourselves and Global Warming.

In his book he states that they:

come not for the sake of us, but for the sake of them, their survival, but their survival is actually our survival as well — the survival of the entire biosphere.

Dr. Chi goes on to say that he is:

 still looking for more evidence to support my view

Well Dr. Chi you keep looking and we are all waiting to hear your further evidence.

It appears that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and the others that are concerned our planet is on the path of not existing in 12 years have nothing to worry about because the alien hybrids are on the job to save us from ourselves.

Perhaps AOC is one of the hybrids or an actually “insect-like” alien herself.

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