Trust me, I know how odd this sounds, but it's a genuine question! I currently have family visiting from out of state and they've been telling me about a favorite pastime of theirs: meat bingo.

It probably won't surprise you to learn that this family happens to be from Florida, a unique state all its own. So of course something as bizarre as meat bingo would be played there. But is it possible to find this game in the Mitten?

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If you are wondering what exactly meat bingo entails, it's pretty similar to the standard game. However, instead of winning "normal" prizes like a pot of cash or gift baskets, this time it's glorious packages of meat that are up for grabs.

Oh, and there is one significant difference between standard bingo and meat bingo. Whereas typically you'd yell "BINGO" when you fill your card, in this game you yell "MEAT" aloud when you win!

It seems as though meat bingo is played wherever regular bingo games are played, which is quite often Eagles or Elks lodges, American Legion halls, or VFW halls. Typically these private clubs are open to the public on game days.

According to my out of town guests you can win everything from bundles of hot links, pork shoulder, chicken, steak, and ribs. Count me in!

When searching for meat bingo in Michigan I've found various past events on the east side of the state in places like Marine City and New Haven, but what about anything closer to home?

Have you ever heard of meat bingo or know any places nearby to play? Let's bring home the bacon, west Michigan!

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