Another tradition has fallen to the angry cancel culture mob.  The cancel culture mob is a mob that can never be satisfied, they must always be fed.  The reason for their insatiable appetite for canceling more traditions does not come from the traditions themselves it comes from within themselves.  Many have a deep-seated feeling of inadequacy so they must condemn most everything so people do not see their inadequacies.

Now the cancel culture mob has risen its head in Eaton Rapids, Michigan, as the Lansing State Journal is reporting that the student council at Eaton Rapids High School has performed a bloodless coup of the King and Queen of homecoming.  Instead of the homecoming King and Queen:

Students will elect a 14-member homecoming court, choosing eight “courtiers” from the senior class and two each from the other grades.

Why are they doing this? A faculty adviser stated several reasons:

  • increase participation in voting
  • Many criticize the tradition as a popularity contest 
  • They fail to choose same-sex couples
  • Jealousy among those chosen and those not chosen

Kellise Esson, a 2019 Eaton Rapids graduate said:

“It would just have been nice if all students would have had an opportunity to speak on how they felt about this, and not just that select few”

Kellise, that is not how the left operates.  They want the fewest amount of people to have a chance to vote if they feel the vote could go against them.  Look at what the Democrats have been doing for the last 8 months in congress.  The concerns and votes of the minority mean nothing to them as they suppress their concerns and votes daily.

Do they actually believe that they will not have the very same problems in their new court as they did with the King and Queen?

Next, they should just cancel all public schools, as most of the Governors, administrations, teachers unions and teachers did for the last year and a half and have only online classes. 

Then no one can be offended about anything.

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