I'm here to tell you, electronics stuff accumulates. And it piles up, and the problem with all this is, if you're the one who stepped up to the cash register and paid for it, it's very hard to part with it, as you know the investment tied to it; yes, even your 8-track player.

When I was growing up, we learned of "planned obsolescence". In layperson's terms, stuff is made to wear out and run out so you have to buy a newer model.

"a policy of producing consumer goods that rapidly become obsolete and so require replacing, achieved by frequent changes in design, termination of the supply of spare parts, and the use of nondurable materials." - Bing.com

What this all leading up to, is we've been teaching people about recycling. For most of us, it's separating the glass, cans, and plastic from the regular garbage. And electronics recycling involves responsibly getting rid of your, for lack of a better term, toys.

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To that end, two of the DeNooyer automotive dealerships, DeNooyer Chevrolet in Kalamazoo and DeNooyer Ford in Vicksburg, have partnered with Schupan to host an Electronics Recycling Day on Friday, March 18th, 2022. Yes, remember this is a Friday event, from 10 am until 5 pm. Here's where to find out more details.

Here's what you can bring:

• Computers/Laptops/Servers
• Printers/Scanners
• Cable Boxes/Routers
• Mobile Devices & Tablets
• Networking Equipment
• LCD Monitors
• Game Systems & Accessories
• Consumer Electronics
• DVD Players/VCRs
• Audio Equipment
• Household Electronics

There's a $10 fee for LCD TV's and for CRT computer monitors.

What you can't bring is:

Smoke detectors, items containing liquid or Freon, and hazardous waste, glass, paper or rubber.

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