We keep talking about the never ending expansion of our Federal government and still it appears that the majority of Americans still crave for more government control because they refuse to vote it out.  Now the EPA is attempting to call the furrows made by farmers plowing their land “mini mountain ranges” and thus are under the control of the Federal government via the EPA.

The Michigan Capitol Confidential New site is reporting on this issue.  The Federal government through the EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is claiming they need more control over farm land via a U.S. Senate Committee report release last month about this “mini mountain ranges:

The rule they are pointing to is called “Waters of the United States,” which uses the Clean Water Act to award both federal agencies expanded jurisdiction over private land use decisions.  Is this really want Americans want, well it appears that 10’s of millions are voting yes or at least they are the least informed Americans when they do vote.

According to the Michigan Capitol Confidential News and Senate report:

The rule would allow puddles, tire ruts and standing water to be labeled “disturbed wetlands” and regulated under the Clean Water Act. The Senate committee report states the rule would allow EPA to get around legal limits to its authority over ditches, draws, low areas, or other wet areas by simply calling them a “regulated tributary” or “wetland.”  The report concludes that if the EPA and Corps interpretations were allowed, “most if not all plowing” would be considered a “discharge of a pollutant” and require a federal permit.

According to Jason Hayes, the director of environmental policy at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy:

The Corps even tries to argue that these newly created small mountain ranges hamper the growth and development of wetland plant species, apparently ignoring the fact that farmlands are managed to produce crops, not cattails.  No reasonable regulation of the nation’s farmland can demand farmers produce crops without moving dirt, or expect farmers to produce wetland plant species instead of corn or wheat.

This type of activity is occurring all over our government seemly under the noses of the American people.  Why is it happening under the noses of the American people, because they are simply uninformed or they want their government to control more and more.  Is that not a fair assessment?

At what point are Americans going to wake up and see what is happening in their Federal and State governments.  Will we ever get back to the concept that we are the government and this is our land?

If we do not then one day many will wake up and say what happened.

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