Unfortunately, these hits keep coming and coming and coming.  After last week's College insanity you would have thought it could not get worse, well it does.  As I have been stating lately they are just making it easier for parents to really start digging into the colleges that their young budding adults want to attend.  These colleges, universities, and their “professors” continue to fall further down the rabbit hole with Alice.

Again a big thanks go out to the Washington Free Beacon for putting these insane acts by “professors” and colleges together.

The first one is brought to us by| Campus Reform and tells us of a professor at the Oregon Health & Science University who was arrested at an Antifa riot on Sunday for trespassing.  A college professor involved in an aggressive and violent riot.  Will he be fired, I doubt it.

Then we have the Washington Free Beacon inform us of Northeastern University who threatened to rescind admissions offers to more than 100 incoming freshmen who responded "yes" to a supposedly anonymous survey that asked if they planned to attend parties on campus

The Christian Post them lets us know about Mai.  Who is Mai?  Mai is a Wake Forest University staffer who identifies as a "nonbinary/gender transcendent mermaid Queen-King," spoke at an LGBTQ panel at the Democratic National Convention last week.  I have been asking for a week now what is a "transcendent mermaid Queen-King"?  No one has informed me yet if so I will let you know, I have put out a call for Aquaman to see if he even knows.

We now move on to The College Fix who has informed us of The University of Oklahoma Department of Political Science who has stated that it will remove images of retired staff members in the department’s entryway, which "exclusively includes white male faces".  Good for them!

Back to the Campus Reform website which has also informed us of administrators at the University of Southern Maine sent a message to students urging them to pledge support to Black Lives Matter.  Do they not understand that BLM's official cite has told us that they are for the destruction of the American political system and would like to move to a Marxist one?  If they know it or not both are troubling.

We end with the Washington Free Beacon reporting about "a business school professor who was relieved of his teaching duties after he made a joke about putting on a mask to a Chinese student—a joke that the student did not find offensive".  Apparently "one student responds that he is from Wuhan, China—the province where the coronavirus pandemic originated—to which Poor replies, "hold on, let me put my mask on." Immediately after making the joke, the professor inquired about what it is like for the Chinese student to travel amid the pandemic".  The student was offended by that?  It is just more examples of the cancel culture we live in.  How would that student feel if someone followed him around campus and tape him?  Then when he states something that offends anyone he would be thrown out of school and sent back to Wuhan.  I believe he probably would not appreciate that.

Be careful where your child goes to college and whom they might be brainwashing them.

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