Drivers in Battle Creek have noticed a few roads in town with a considerable amount of dirt, small stones and sand covering the road, but it’s for a good reason.

The City announced that fog seal application will begin Monday for the four roads that had the chip seal pre-application laid last week. Those roads are -

  • Riverside Drive from Columbia Avenue to Beckley Road
  • Upton Avenue from Kendall Street to Angell Street
  • South Union Street from East Michigan Avenue to East Van Buren Street
  • Roosevelt Avenue from Goodale Avenue to Garrison Avenue

Pavement Maintenance Systems will be laying the fog seal, an asphalt emulsion over a previously chip-sealed road. The work will take place from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Monday to July 29th on these roads, weather permitting. During the work times, traffic regulators will be in place and maintaining one-way traffic.

The City advises drivers to avoid using the roads for up to 90 minutes after the asphalt emulsion has been laid to avoid damage to vehicles. It is also advised to not drive above the speed limit. Roosevelt Avenue is 35 mph between North Avenue and Garrison. Union Street and Riverside Drive are both 30 mph.

Residents will driveways in the work areas will have access to their driveways expect when fog sealing is occurring in front of their property. Residents are also asked to not have any vehicles parked on these roads during work hours or they will be towed.

A map of the four roads being worked on over the next week-plus in the Cereal City is below.

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