The spring season is in full swing and usually landscapers are hard at work getting their plans ready to help customers get their lawns and gardens in top shape. It is just a little different this year.

If you missed the Garden Show last week (Saturdays from 9am to 10am on 95.3 WBCK, and the WBCK app), we started our show with the business of landscaping and how their business will be behind due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Several businesses in Michigan are being affected by the outbreak and landscaping is considered a non-essential service.

As Bob Coward tells us below in our update, there are several things that even the non-landscaping homeowner can do to make their lawn and garden beautiful during this time. Gardening is being considered one of the best ways to go outside while exhibiting social distancing.

Be sure to tune in to the Garden Show every Saturday during the spring and summer month on 95.3 WBCK. Call 269-441-9595 with your gardening question, email co-host Nathan Adams or join us through the App Chat function on the WBCK app.

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