For the Gilmore Car Museum the holidays aren't over, but just getting started, as they've announced they'll be hosting Free "Sleigh" Rides Thursdays In January. The sleigh rides don't actually take place inside a sleigh, but in an authentic Ford Model AA truck from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. They're doing what they can to keep the holiday spirit alive during the pandemic and this is another great activity to take part in.

The page boast that they're offering: "FREE “glorified sleigh rides” through the snow-covered Gilmore campus, riding on bench seats in the bed of a classic Ford Model AA pickup truck! Enjoy a fun, memorable outdoor winter experience for museum guests and their families. Be sure to bring your warm coats, hats, gloves, and perhaps even blankets. Rides will be provided one guest/family/group at a time, masks will be required, and the truck’s bench seating will be sanitized between each ride."

If you want to ride, it's free for anyone who pays for admission into the Gilmore Car Museum and that the Ford Model AA Truck pickup point for guest rides will be immediately outside the doors of the Heritage Café, just beyond the Main Gallery and museum entrance. The Gilmore Car Museum is extending a 2-FOR-$20 adult admission offer for the holiday season through January 10th, and as always, admission for children ages 10 and under is FREE.

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