We reported last October 17th about a man named Rich who was losing his battle against cancer.  He used to live in the Battle Creek area but had since moved on to Indianapolis, Indiana.

When they lived in Battle Creek “every pay day, Rich would stop at Steve's Pizza of Battle Creek and bring a pie home for dinner. For the couple, this pizza set a standard that has yet to be met”.

Before he had his recent tragic diagnosis he and his wife wanted to return to Battle Creek to take in the sights and have a Pizza from their favorite Pizzeria Steve’s Pizza.  That recent diagnosis ended their trip to Battle Creek and Steve’s Pizza.

As we wrote in the last article about this:

A family member decided to reach out to Steve's Pizza and spoke with a manager named Dalton. The family member explained the situation and asked if someone from the shop could send a text or perhaps a card. Instead of a card or text, Dalton asked "What kind of pizza?" and said he would deliver the pies after closing. Steve's Pizza does not deliver and is three and a half hours away from Indianapolis.

Dalton kept his word and at 2:30 a.m. delivered two of Rich's favorite pizzas and told the family they were in his prayers. Not only that, when a relative offered to get a hotel room for Dalton, he declined stating that he had to get back because he had to work the next day.

The manager Dalton Shaffer said that:

I just wanted to do that for them…I just wanted to make them happy.

In fact he told no one about what he was doing, not even is uncle who owns Steve’s Pizza.

In the end he gave a dying man one of his last wishes.  A week after he delivered the pizza Rich died.

Because of that great act of kindness by Dalton, business has been booming.  It is great to hear that someone or someplace is rewarded for their good deeds.

According to an article in the Battle Creek Enquirer Steve’s Pizza:

has had customers from Toledo, Cleveland, Niagara Falls and Buffalo drive to Battle Creek to buy pizza. Many more have promised to make a stop if they’re ever in Michigan.

A women who lives in Modesto California commented on a Facebook story about this:

I will make an effort to visit this pizza joint if I am ever in the area!

Another women from Indianapolis posted:

We will be (coming) up there to eat just because of what this company did

We have too many bad things happening these days so it is great to write and talk about this great act of kindness.

I hope Dalton will continue to be rewarded throughout his life.

My favorite food is Pizza so it looks like I will be visiting Steve’s shortly, I hope you do also.

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