There is a sheriff in Jackson County who many believe should either resign or be removed from office.

In fact during the last Michigan Gubernatorial campaign Gretchen Whitmer talked tough and said that Jackson County Sheriff Steven Rand will be held “accountable for any misconduct” he did.  Well the campaign is over and Gretchen Whitmer is now Governor Whitmer and she will not be holding Sheriff Rand accountable for any of his actions.

What did Sheriff Rand do?  Well according to an article in MLive Sheriff Rand was secretly recorded calling a female circuit court judge a “scatterbrained c---" and saying he wanted to make a snuff film with a court employee and “shoot her right in the back of the head when I (inaudible) my load.”

That apparently was not enough for Governor Whitmer to remove him.

Well what about Sheriff Rand talking about a female County employee when he was recorded saying:

I got to nail that. That is so f----- hot... I wouldn't want to get a picture of my d--k in and you know, send it to my wife. Can you blame me?

Well according to a women who uses words to say she is a champion of women, Governor Whitmer still thought that was not enough to remove him.

Champion of women, sure!  Just words.

Attorney General Dana Nessel stated in a letter:

This removal statute specifies particular kinds of conduct, requiring either criminal convictions for a felony or for drunkenness or proof of criminal conduct itself — official misconduct, willful neglect of duty, or extortion — or evidence that the officer is guilty of habitual drunkenness...In this case, no such conduct has been alleged....Importantly, an official’s intemperate statements, including ugly epithets, while deeply offensive, do not, by themselves, constitute willful neglect of duty or official misconduct and do not provide a basis for removal


James “Steve” Shotwell Jr. the Jackson County Board of Commissioners Chairman said the decision by the AG and Governor to not remove the Jackson sheriff is “a cop out”

The Vice Mayor of Jackson Arlene Robinson stated the decision by the AG and Governor to not remove the sheriff:

speaks volume to a group of people – women, people of color

I find it interesting when people say they are a champion of women or for that matter a champion of anything then their actions seem to show otherwise.

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